Edge Sculpture

Edge Sculpture is the world of contemporary sandblasted sculputures. Renowned for his unique style Matt Buckley has an abundance of originality with his unique three-dimensional language its not suprising that Matt’s fiercly modern works are growing popularity. 

Reproduced from original sculpted clay masters ensure each hand finished sculpture has ‘The Edge’

Frith Sculptures

Frith Sculpture by Blue Poppy Art; stunningly designed by Paul Jenkins, Adrian Tinsley, Thomas Meadows, Veronica Ballan and many more offer innovative figurines in contemporary themes.

Explore the inspired and charasmatic world of ‘Frith’ for the home and garden.




Colour Splash

These artistic pieces will take an imressive stance in any setting with their multi-coloured drip paint finish




Wiggle Animals

These wire sculptures emulate all our farmyard favourites in a fun and characteristic style. Sculpted from stretches coil wire designed by Garth Williams unique the the Edge Company creates a rustic finish to these wonderful ornaments of an intensely wiggly nature